$25 Service Fee & No Refund Fraud Protection Policy

At Rental Kharma we have a policy that “Honesty Is The Best Policy”. The spirit of this policy is to ensure that we are able to continue helping those good renters that truly need our help. To date, we have helped well over 35,000 families since launch.

The integrity of the data at Rental Kharma is what keeps us in business. If we allow people to abuse the system, the system will be shut down and all of the people we have helped to date will have their verified rental payment history deleted from their credit reports.

Why does Rental Kharma sometimes withhold a $25 service fee?

Our team wants to get you to the finish line, and we will try our very best to help you, but in some cases, we are unable to help you in a positive way.

  • A 30-day late payment was reported and you are unhappy with your results
  • You attempted to report a private mortgage
  • You attempted to report an illegal sublease
  • You attempted to report a second lease that was during the same time frame as another lease you already reported
  • You attempted to report a commercial property
  • You were asked to provide additional documentation; like confirmation of residence or a photo ID and you refused to do so

In any of these cases, Rental Kharma will keep $25 to cover the time and money our team spent trying to verify your information.

Read the Full Refund Policy at this Link

Fraud Protection & No Refunds

If you attempt to provide false information to our company, we will not be issuing any refund. We believe that honesty is the best policy and will still try to help you, but we have a zero tolerance policy for providing false information.

The Rental Kharma 100% Money Back Guarantee is hereby voided in these situations. We also reserve the right to file criminal and civil charges in any case that attempts fraud using our systems. 

Read the Full Refund Policy at this Link