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In just 3 minutes you can start building your credit by paying rent. It’s that easy! Finally you can build your credit completely online. Got Questions? Call us now and speak with a Rent & Credit Expert 720-307-1466!

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You can add your last 24 months of rent payments to your credit report and build positive credit history with your rent payments. Get started today and start building your credit with rent.

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You're Not Alone

Over 100 Million Americans either struggle with their credit or have no credit and are denied access to traditional financial products. Rental Kharma was founded to address this huge problem and provide a sustainable and simple way for renters to establish and build credit history through their largest monthly payment, rent!

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What You Do

Complete our easy registration and give us some information about your rental. There is a one-time verification fee and then it’s only $4.95/month. Build your credit score just by paying your rent each month. It’s that easy! Want to learn more? Check out our Renter FAQ.

What We Do

We report your verified rent payments on your credit report. We will verify your rental lease with your landlord or property manager. Every month we will confirm with your landlord or property manager that you made the month’s rent payment. Meet our Team!

What You Get

Rental Kharma will submit your rent payments to your Credit Report and get you the credit you deserve for paying rent. Build positive credit history with your rent payments. With better credit you can save tens of thousands of dollars and reach your financial goals.

A Better Credit Score Saves You Money

Your credit score determines if you qualify and how much you pay in interest for car loans, mortgages, credit cards and student loans. With Rental Kharma you can build your credit, lower your interest rates and save tens of thousands of dollars. Get the credit you deserve. Call us 720-307-1466!





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