Congrats to the December Winners

Dedrick Tillerson – Written Submission $250 winner
Sarah Norris – Written Submission $250 winner
Christopher Fous – Photo Submission $500 winner
Mark Minisci – Photo Submission $500 winner
Summer Sadira – Video Submission $1,000 winner
Edward Steave – Video Submission $1,000 winner

Share & Win December Contest!

1 out of every 10 Entries WIN!

Do you want an extra $1000… $500… or even $250 this December? We’re giving away CASH to our Rental Kharma family!

We want YOU to share YOUR Rental Kharma story in whatever way you feel you can best express yourself. 1 in 10 submissions wins! No limit to the number of winners!

3 Prize Levels

  1. VIDEO ENTRY: $1000 prizes
  2. PICTURE ENTRY: $500 prizes
  3. WRITTEN ENTRY: $250 prizes

3 Submission Categories

  1. Film a VIDEO and show us how Rental Kharma helped you and your family. It can be a story, a short film, or a vlog! Feel free to get creative!
  2. Take a PICTURE and tell a photo story about your experience or results.
  3. Write a POST to share your experience. It can be as long as you need so you can best express yourself.

How to Enter


Tips to Win

  • Video: Are you an aspiring director? Show us your best arthouse film! You can create a short film, a video testimonial, a vlog, or even a video tour of your new home?
  • Photo: Love being behind or even in front of the lens? Show us your modeling skills with a photo of you with the car you qualified for, a photo of your home you were able to close on, or even a selfie with your motorcycle, like one of our past members did!
  • Written: Do you just have a way with words? Compose a short story, an essay, a paragraph or even a poem explaining your credit life before and after Rental Kharma.

Contest Details

  • 1 in every 10 submissions wins!
  • Rental Kharma will pick 5 finalists for every 10 submissions in each category.
  • If you are 1 of the 5 finalists, you will compete by creating social buzz about your submission,which is tracked by likes, shares, views and comments.
  • There’s no limit to the number of winners!
  • Contest ends 12/31/17.
  • One entry per person.
  • Make sure to add a few hashtags to your post so we know that you are officially entering! #rentalkharma #rentalkharmaCASH
  • You can only enter for one category. For example, if you film a video you cannot also submit a photo entry.
  • You must be an existing or former Rental Kharma member to participate in this contest.
  • Videos can be uploaded to YouTube or on Facebook. Either on the Rental Kharma Facebook page, or on your account as a public video so we can view it. It must be public if it is on your page so it can be shared and viewed.
  • Photo submissions must be posted to our Facebook page or submitted via email to
  • Written submissions must be posted to our Facebook page or submitted via email to the
  • Rental Kharma employees and employee family members not eligible.

If you would prefer to submit your entry via email, please note that it will be officially posted by Rental Kharma on Facebook. It is YOUR responsibility to share, comment and like and create a social buzz around your post to help your entry qualify to win a prize. Please contact our team if you need help submitting via email.