How does Rental Kharma work?

Easy process to life changing results!

1. It starts with You.

Complete our easy registration after confirming that you qualify for our service. We just need some simple information about yourself and your rental. You can call to get started or DIY through our system. 

2. Leave the rest to Us!

After processing your information, we will contact your landlord or property manager and verify your rent payments. Every month we will confirm with them your ongoing payments. 

3. Now What?

Sit back and watch your credit score increase. Good credit is priceless! Now you can focus on reaching your goals like buying a home, a car or getting approved for a decent credit card.

Reporting Options

Two options on reporting your rental payments.

Ongoing Reporting Only

  1. Reporting ongoing payments is similar to opening a new credit card account. It takes a few months of reporting activity for your score to increase.
  2.  This is because the credit scoring model sees this as a new account and no history established yet to reward you for your on-time payments.
  3. On average you will see a 29 point increase after the 2-3 months of ongoing reporting. You will see continued growth into the future.

Past & Ongoing Reporting

  1. The best of both worlds
  2. You get quick results for your past payment history
  3. Average score increase is 40 points when you report 2 years of past history
  4. Older rentals see the best results
  5. Continue to build credit into the future
  6. Renters that report 2 years of past history and 1 year ongoing see 100+ point increases on average