Rental Kharma Contests

Share Your Rental Kharma Video Story

$300 for the best video with the most engagement online. Odds of winning is 1 in 10! For every 10 videos submitted we select 1 winner.

Tips for a great video

Record your Rental Kharma video story on your smart phone or other video recording device. Share a link to  your video in the form above. Then share your video on your social media to gain likes, shares and comments. 

1 in 10 Chance to Win $300 cash

Each week we will review all the active videos and choose a winner. Keep your video active even if you don’t win in the first week. As your video gets more engagement you can still win. Rental Kharma will also share your video on our social media to help boost your engagement ratings. 

Use your discount code

Use your Rental Kharma discount code in your video and earn $25 for each person that signs up. Your friends will also get a $25 discount when they use your discount code. You will receive $100 for your 10th referral! You can earn on unlimited referrals. What a way to make residual income! TikTok, SMS, IG, FB are all great places to spread the word and make some cash!

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