Do You Qualify for Rental Kharma?

At Rental Kharma we believe that Good Renters Deserve Good Credit.
Unfortunately, we’re not able to help out everyone that finds our service.
Here are some simple guidelines for who CAN and CANNOT get credit for their rent.

We know that Rental Kharma is the right fit for your family IF:

  • You pay rent to a property management company.
  • You pay rent to a landlord, IF the landlord is the owner of the property.
  • You pay rent to a family member, IF the family member is the owner of the property.

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Rental Kharma CANNOT report the following:

  • If you are renting from a friend that is also renting and the landlord or manager does not know you are living there.
  • If you have a private mortgage and your name is on the deed.
  • If you pay rent for a business property.
  • In any of these situations a refund cannot be issued.