Created by United Way of the Bay Area, SparkPoint Centers are financial education centers that help individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet. We help our clients address immediate financial crises, get them back on their feet, and build financially secure futures. Our one-stop centers bring together a full range of services, and we encourage clients to take advantage of two or more at a time. By combining services, SparkPoint clients reach their financial goals faster.

Empowering families and individuals to think, act, and feel differently about their money. Mpowered is the only Colorado-based nonprofit resource for individuals and families in Colorado who want to learn about money management and participate in coaching to achieve their personal definition of financial success. Since 2002, mpowered has provided affordable programs to help more than 40,000 people make informed financial choices.

Metzger Associates is Rental Kharma’s partner in building awareness & brand identity.

TeQuity Capital & Communications is an early-stage angel fund that invests capital and creative resources in the nation’s most promising high-growth companies.

The Colorado Apartment Association (CAA) is a non-profit trade association representing owners, developers, management companies, and vendors of the multi-family housing industry. CAA is comprised of four local affiliates from across the state. The association represents 1300 members who own and manage over 170,000 apartments.