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Hello from Diana!

I work with Licensed Realtors, Mortgage Loan Officers, Credit Unions, Bankers & Broker Owners all across the US. I look forward working with you and providing you with the tools that help you close more deals. Our program for professionals like you is a little different than our affiliate program because of RESPA laws that prohibit your profession from receiving commissions for referring 3rd party services.

Diana Gonzalez

Community Educator

[email protected]

How the Program Works

Licensed Professionals can close more deals, simply by leveraging Rental Kharma’s unique service in 2 ways.

1) To help you close deals that otherwise would not qualify for a home loan.

2) Using Rental Kharma as a lead generation tool.

Once you have been verified as a licensed professional you will be issued your own unique referral partner ID and link. Simply send your clients or website visitors to your Rental Kharma link. You will get an instant notification each time someone signs up through your link. You now have a new lead that is a motivated renter that is wanting to buy a home.

A Loan Officer's Perspective

I had a borrower who did not qualify for a loan due to her credit score. She was 40 points off what she needed. Desperate to boost the score we heard about the Rental Kharma program. My borrower quickly signed up and within 10 days her score was up the 40 points needed to put her loan on track to purchase the home! The cost was reasonable, and my borrower is ecstatic! I would have lost the loan otherwise. My realtor partner is thrilled with me, calling me the “miracle worker”. This will be a big lift to my business since many of the borrowers that come my way from referral partners are in the low six hundreds. This will allow them to qualify and close on homes where they previously had to wait months to work on credit issues. This is an amazing advantage to me as a loan officer! Pam Keller, Waterstone Mortgage

Real Estate Professionals

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